Financing to be a Stay-At-Home Mother

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stay-at-home motherAlthough I don’t have a financing degree, I have learned a lot about how to stretch a budget and make extra income at home. Scouring the internet for ideas on ways to save money and make money can seem fruitless after a while. So I decided to share some of this knowledge on my website. A nice condensed section, and all of it is legitimate. Before I get into that information, I want to share my story about how I decided to be a stay-at-home mother.

This is something that many women say they wish they could do, but it is just not practical for modern society (or something to that effect.) I thought that exact same thing when I found out I was pregnant. Then I thought that I enjoyed my career too much to throw it away for somebody else. Wow! Motherly love hit me hard, and I did not foresee wanting to put all of myself into indulging every whim of another human being. It wasn’t rational and the thought of such selflessness seemed so foreign to me. I’m not a very selfish person, but I never thought I could enjoy throwing my chosen lifestyle away so quickly for the benefit of someone else. Now, I am so glad that I did it. Motherhood is very rewarding and I know that my baby is getting the best care all the time.

I’m somewhat of a control freak by nature so while I was pregnant I was having a hard time deciding on childcare. I finally decided that I would try my best to rearrange the finances and possibly stay at home after the baby was born. Now I am glad I did that, because paying off some bills meant less monthly expenses. My husband and I immediately cut out unnecessary expenses and started clipping coupons. Honestly, I don’t really miss all those small frivolous things that our money used to be spent on. Looking back I can see how materialistic my life had become, and I’m glad my baby saved me from that shallow lifestyle.

After the baby’s birth we still had not gained a good enough financial footing for a single income, but I was falling in love with my baby girl. I had a couple of months for maternity leave before I needed to decide for sure. I kept telling my husband, “I don’t think I can rip myself away from her. It’s gonna kill me to leave her with someone else.” and “I’m hardly gonna see her, so when will I be able to nurse her. And what if I can’t pump enough at work?” All of this was very depressing for me, but my husband was so sweet and supportive. He understood my motherly instinct and the intense need to care for my child.

I finally told him that I did not care if we lost the house and had to move in with a relative, I was going to stay home with my baby. He said “okay, I will support your decision and we can make this work.” From then on, I was searching the internet for ways to make money from home, receive free samples, get discounts, and tips on reducing monthly bills. I made it work because I needed to do this for my own sake as well as my baby’s sake. Our bond grows stronger each day, as I give her everything she needs, and in return she gives me everything my heart needs to be happy and content.

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Author: Melainie

As a new mother, I wanted to know everything I could about parenting but it was difficult to sift through the web for real experiences and motherly knowledge on parenting. I hoped to make My Baby Experience an informative site for all those who are expecting or are parents themselves. Whenever I find good resources for us parents, I try to share them so we can all benefit. I hope you enjoy and contribute!

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