A Week of Free Summer Activities for Baby

summer fun with babySummertime is almost over, so here are some ideas if you want to make the most of this last month of summer. I have compiled a list of my favorite free summer activities I enjoy with my baby all laid out in a one week timetable. When you are trying to conserve every penny like my family, you may not be able to afford a vacation trip but you can plan a week of fun, quality time spent as a family for free.

Top 7 Things To Do With Baby

Monday- Go Hiking! No matter where you live you can usually find some good hiking trails at a nearby state or national park. Put on your baby carrier or sling and let baby enjoy the sights and sounds of nature- or take a nap. Just make sure to bring some snacks, plenty of water, and a clean spray bottle filled with water to mist yourselves- this really helps keep you cool.

fun summer things to do - hiking with baby
Hiking with My Baby

Tuesday- Water Play! Spread out a tarp or other durable plastic sheet on a level spot in your yard and pour about an inch of warm water. Set your baby down and splash in the water together. You can also bring out some food coloring to change the color of the water or make it bubbly with some baby shampoo. Just make sure your baby doesn’t get sunburned and keep a close eye on her, because babies can drowned in just a few inches of water. I read about this on FamilyEducation.com and thought it was a great idea.

Wednesday- Picnic at the Park! Pack the picnic basket with lunch for everyone, plenty of drinks, and a blanket. Head to your local park and enjoy a day at the park together- swing your baby in the baby swing (my baby giggled and squealed so much), spread the blanket on the ground and let your baby crawl around. Bring some balls to roll in the grass for your baby to play with, and bring some bubbles to blow. Don’t forget the sunscreen though!

things to do with baby | fun summer play swinging with baby
My Husband Swinging Our Baby

Thursday- Get Artsy! Put your baby in the highchair wearing nothing but her diaper and let her finger paint with pudding and fruit puree. My baby thought this was so much fun. She loved it, but she was a mess afterwards. We headed straight to the bath when we were done playing. (While your getting messy you could go ahead and make footprints and handprints of your baby using non-toxic paint.)

Friday- Window Shop! Head out to the local mall and just walk around with baby window shopping and people watching. If it is a nice day I like to walk down Main Street with my baby and window shop (occasionally I will stop in the bakery and buy us a yummy treat).

Saturday- Browse the Flea/Farmer’s Market! (or Local City Activity) During the summer there is usually something free to do in our area on Saturdays, but if we are not checking out the festivals, we like to walk around the farmer’s market. Sometimes we will also head to the local flea market and browse around. (If you are not sure what events may be planned in your area, go to your city’s website or call your local Chamber of Commerce.)

Sunday- Go for a Stroll! Take your baby for an afternoon stroll and try to describe everything you see. My baby loves to just listen to me and she soaks in the knowledge like a sponge. Sometimes after our walks together we will listen to classical music as I “dance” with her around the house. Just have fun giving your baby attention, and your day will be a success.

fun summer playing with baby
My Baby Playing at the Park

So get out and play with your baby before summer is over. If you don’t have much money to spend then that’s okay, you can still have tons of fun entertaining your family. What do you do for fun during the summer with your baby?