Baby’s First Birthday Party

baby's first birthday[Don’t forget to check the Wrinkle Cream Giveaway post and find out who is the winner!] This past year has gone by so quickly and my precious, tiny baby has grown so much. Every day that I have with her is filled with joy and I am still amazed at her ability to achieve so much in such a short time. My baby girl was born August 13, 2010 at 18:43 (6:43 pm)- now she is a one year old toddler. Here is how her first birthday went with plenty of pictures to tell the story.

We decided to do a lunchtime Princess themed birthday party at my parents’ house, so we spent the night over to prepare for the party (even though I know she will not remember it).

baby's first birthday
My Baby is Enjoying Breakfast with Grandpa
baby first birthday decorations
Some Princess Party Decor

After breakfast clean-up it was time to decorate while daddy (Jonathan) went to pick up the cake and pizza. We decided to keep lunch simple by getting Little Caesar’s pizza and ordering a Princess cake from Wal-Mart (they give you a free “smash” cake with your order for baby’s first birthday).

baby's first birthday cake
Princess Castle Cake

I think the cake was beautiful and delicious, and my baby loves the toy castle and princess figurines that came with the cake. My baby enjoyed her pizza, and I made sure to cut it into tiny strips, which was easier for her to eat.

Birthday princess baby
Princess Anneliese didn't want her crown
first birthday party
So "Princess" Daddy Wore It

After lunch we went outside to run around in the sprinkler, so we could work up an appetite for the cake. My baby’s first experience with the sprinkler was pretty good, but she was not willing to get very close.

baby's first birthday sprinkle party
My Baby's Birthday Sprinkle Party

Happy Birthday Dear Anneliese! My baby devoured her smash cake.

baby's first birthday cake

baby's first birthday cake
Messy Baby!






first birthday party game


After stuffing ourselves on cake we played a scratch-off card game for the Door Prize (chocolate truffles). I wanted to do something fun and different for both adults and children at the party, and received these cute, personalized princess scratch-off birthday cards to use at my baby’s first birthday party. {I will tell you more about them and my husband’s chocolate truffle recipe in another post} Everyone enjoyed the excitement of possibly winning a prize. Now, it is finally time to open presents!

first birthday gifts
My Baby Opening Her Gifts
baby's first birthday gift
New Toys are Awesome!

My baby was ready for a nap! She passed out at naptime, and even went to bed a little early that night too.

sleepy birthday baby
Precious Sleepy Baby

In conclusion, baby’s first birthday party was a fun success for everyone. (Don’t forget to read my Fun Birthday Facts and Stats)! How about you? Did or Will you throw a big party for your baby’s first birthday?