Gotta Write It Down: Every Mom Needs a Memo Board

mommy memo boardMy husband has been telling me for a while now that my brain has changed since the baby was born. I think I really did lose some brain cells during my labor and delivery (or maybe from all of those sleepless nights?) because I can’t seem to remember anything from one minute to the next. If I don’t write down what I am thinking in a prominent place then it probably won’t be remembered. I can only imagine how difficult it will be for me when I have to add in school activities on my “to-do list” (school is still on my mind with all of the children in our area going back this week).

chalkboard wall stickers
My "Mommy Memo Board"

To help combat my memory struggles I have been using an adorable Mommy Memo “Board” which is not really a board but a wall sticker. I thought it was the cutest thing and just had to tell everybody about it. It is a big ladybug chalkboard that you can stick on most surfaces and even peel off then re-stick to another surface if you want. I have it in my baby’s nursery right now so I can use it to write down her appointments or shopping list if I notice she is low on diapers. Sometimes I will quickly jot down a blog post idea too, if inspiration strikes while I am changing my baby’s diaper.

mommy chalkboard wall sticker
Chalkboard Wall Sticker Above the Changing Table

wall art stickersI found this chalkboard wall sticker on the Bright Star Kids website and thought it would be ¬†great to use as a memo board and when my baby is older she can enjoy using it too. (They also have cute nursery wall sticker art along with other wall stickers that I thought would look good throughout my house.) If you are looking for a good “Mommy Memo Board” like I needed, I would highly recommend that you at least check out the Bright Star Kids website first.

mommy memo board
Ladybug Chalkboard In It's Original Package

I was so excited when the package arrived (about a week after it was ordered, which is great for shipping from Australia to the U.S.) and couldn’t wait to try it out. It was easy to “assemble” and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it- as seen in my previous picture. But, if you do want to change where you put it, they are easy to remove and re-stick because of the nice fabric texture.

mommy brain memo board
Super Simple and Fun!

By the way, if you happen to be artistically challenged and need help putting your wall art stickers up, they have a YouTube channel with plenty of “how to” videos to give you inspiration. (They also have a Facebook Fan Page if you want to keep up with their special offers and new products; or keep up with the conversation by following them on Twitter.)

I admitted to having Mommy Brain and I am taking steps to correct this problem. How about you? Do you have a problem with your brain being missing?