D – Man-Canning | How to Can Jalapenos

Man-Canning | Jalapeno CartoonThe other day I was looking in the kitchen at the large amount of Jalapenos that I had grown (really it was my wife) and stole from my in-laws, and decided it was time to get my canning on! If you’re like me, you want to Spice up every meal with some good old hot sauce and or pickled Jalapenos. And like any Jack-Of-All-Trades you don’t want to buy them from the supermarket, you want to be a real man and can them yourself! So the first step of being a man is going online and buying all the goods. After all, do you really want to wait at the ever increasing lines filled with overweight people wearing there PJ’s at 3pm in the afternoon at Wal-Mart?

You will need:

  • Jalapenos

Step #1
The first thing we want to do is cut the Jalapenos into nice uniform slices, I personally like mine to be on the thick side. As you cut them you should place them into a large bowl filled with cold water to let them soak. By letting them soak, the jars will not be filled with green looking vinegar at the end, instead they will be clean and clear.


Man-Canning | Jalapenos on Cutting Board 

Step #2
After all the Jalapenos are cut and places in their soaking bowl, you need to sterilize all of your canning jars. You will need to follow the jar companies procedures for doing this. You can get a feel for how many jars you will need by looking at the Jalapenos you cut.

*WARNING* Do not attempt at any time to “measure” the peppers to see how many jars you need. This would not be the Man way of doing things!

Step #3
Take all of the soaking peppers and drain them in a colander, rinsing them well with cold water. Place the peppers in the sterilized jars and set them to the side. Now take a large pot and boil enough vinegar to fill all of those jars.


Man-Canning | Jalapenos in Jars 

Break #1
While you are waiting for the vinegar to come to a boil, I suggest you find a fun mischievous activity to partake in. I went and told my wife that while I was cutting peppers one of them squirted me in my eye, and that I no longer wanted to hear about how bad child birth was because this was much worse. (It didn’t go over so well)


Man-Canning | Jalapeno Drink
Go get a glass of Gatorade and toss in a few fresh Jalapeno slices for flavor.


Step #4
Once the vinegar has come to a roaring boil you will need to add some canning salt. There is an exact science to the amount of salt per ounce of vinegar but I am not a scientist nor am I a woman, so I just add a “good bit”. Mix the salt and vinegar with a spoon until all the salt dissolves completely.

Step #5
Pour the vinegar and salt mixture into the jars filled with Jalapenos until they are about 1/8 from the top, then tighten the lids so that they are snug. You don’t want the lids too tight, because if you tighten them too much they will not seal properly. Now we wait.

Break #2
As we wait for the jars to seal we can plan some of the Man Meals we will be consuming with our Jalapenos. Here are some of my suggestions:

Man-Canning | Jalapeno Ice CreamJalapeno Ice Cream
There’s just something about the rick creamy goodness of Ice Cream with the burning fiery boldness of Jalapenos. Not to mention you wont have to worry about your wife trying to steal your desert.



Man-Canning | Crepes-JalapenoJalapeno Bacon Crepes
Every man needs to start his day off with a fiery kick in the pants, so what better way to do it than with Bacon and Jalapeno wrapped in a Crepe, after all Crepes are flambe’ed.



Step #6
After the jars have cooled and the lids have sealed, you will want to place the jars in the refrigerator overnight- it will help to preserve the crunch. I suggest waiting at least a week before you enjoy the fruits of your labor but that is up to you. (If you eat them too soon they will not be pickled yet.)

-Jonathan (Husband)