Family Fun Day

beautiful Butterfly on family fun dayThis past weekend our family had a nice and much needed break in our routine, it all started at 7am on Saturday. Now, I’m not one to get up early, especially on a weekend but every now and again I will break my own rules. After getting up, getting dressed, and eating a light breakfast, we headed off to the the park. It was nice to get out in the morning before the temperatures got to be unbearably hot, because there is not much more of a killjoy than the afternoon sun beating down on you while the temp pushes 100 degrees. Anneliese loves to swing, the only thing better than swinging is swinging with mommy. She always starts to laugh when I push Melainie (mommy) too high and mommy begins to freak-out.

Swinging with Mommy and family fun

After running around the park and getting nice and dirty, the three of us went to the nearby Farmers Market. It’s nice being able to get fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention all of the fresh breads, jams and various hot sauce/salsas. Even if you don’t end up buying anything it’s nice to converse with local farmers and towns people. If I’ve learned anything in my life it’s that “Old Timers” are a wealth of stories, jokes, and knowledge. After buying some poppy seed bread and some “Old Goat” hot sauce it’s time to go.

Farmers Market family fun

After all of this excitement I’m ready for my morning nap, but Melainie reminds me I no longer get morning naps :-( . So we hop in the car for a 45min drive up to Huntsville to go see the Agape Baby & Family Fair. Agape Baby family Fair day We met Melainie’s Mom, Dad, and Brother at the event hall, it was a fun filled family day! There were lots of vendor from every imaginable “baby” oriented business in Huntsville and surrounding areas. I won’t attempt to list them all but some of my favorites include Just the Box– they make Castles, Vehicles, and other cool play equipment for kids using boxes. I remember growing up hoping my parents would buy a new dryer or fridge so that my brother and I could score a cool new box to make into a play house. Another super fun part of the event was the “The Little Gym”– they were so friendly and great with our baby girl, Anneliese. They have facility’s where babies and kids can learn motor skills, gymnastics and just have fun.

family fun day

We left the fair at lunch time and on the way to get some lunch Anneliese lost her battle with sleep. So much stimulation and excitement took it’s toll on her, she fell fast asleep and got a good cat nap in before lunch. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to eat at the park and have a nice family picnic. The park has a nice man-made pond well stocked with Koi and inhabited with Geese, Anneliese loves seeing new and exiting creatures.

Anneliese At The Park

After lunch it was time to say good bye to the in-laws {Grandpa and Grandma) and head home, Anneliese didn’t make it long before the eventful day took hold and she fell asleep. The day was very fun and enjoyed by all, but the best part was being able to spend time with family. I really encourage everyone to make time to spend with your family, because time spent enjoying your family is time well spent.

-Jonathan (Husband)