Save Money on a New Cell Phone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the past two years, I have learned that raising a child is expensive and I try to find ways to cut back or save money as often as possible. I understand how difficult it is to pay the bills and provide for basic comforts while dealing with unemployment woes. From time to time, I receive news of various sales to share with my readers and, although I may not find them pertinent to my situation in life, I know it might help some of you. 

Even though my family has made sacrifices due to financial constraints, having a cell phone is no longer a frivolous expenditure but is more of a necessity (especially since we do not have a land line). We use our cell phones to keep in touch with out-of-town family members, as most of you probably do too. Over the past decade, people have become extremely dependent on them and the need to cut costs drives us to find the best deals we can for cell phone coverage.

If you are at an impasse with your cell phone provider or looking for a good sale, then the “pre-Valentine’s Day” sale at Sprint make be what you need. It’s an online only sale that ends on the 8th of February which happened to catch my eye because of the discussion I recent had with my Dad. He needs a better smartphone for his job and is having to switch cell phone providers to get a good phone.

Well Dad, either the Nexus S 4G or the HTC EVO 3D would make excellent new phones for you, and they are both on super sale right now. Plus, you will get waived activation fee for a new line of service and FREE shipping at, which is always a pleasant bonus. 

Facebook_Nexus.JPG Facebook_EVO 3D.jpg

The Nexus S™ 4G is on sale for FREE right now and it’s from Google, which is definitely a plus in my book. It is the ultimate “take your office anywhere” phone with an android operating system. The HTC EVO™ 3D is also on sale for $49.99 and it is the first 3D smart phone, which sounds like a lot of fun.

I hope this information helps someone and please spread the word to anyone looking for a new cell phone. This is a great deal that will expire soon and cell phones have pretty much become a necessity in the workforce. Don’t spend your gas money buying an expensive phone!

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Top 20 Resources for Pregnancy and Parenting

pregnant resource listOnce I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to learn all I could about my pregnancy and taking care of a baby. I did a lot of searching for pregnancy information and good parenting websites. Looking back, I wasted a good bit of time weeding through information to find what I was looking for. So I decided to create a list of my top 20 resources for pregnancy and parenting to help others find that information more easily. I hope it helps and please pass this information along!

List of Resources for Pregnancy and Parenting:

1. What To Expect – Heidi Murkoff, author of the well known book What to Expect When You’re Expecting has a great website devoted to pregnancy and early parenting, and I found her week-by-week pregnancy tracker to be a great source of information for me when I was pregnant.

2. StorkNet Birth Stories – When I was pregnant I could not read enough birth stories. I wanted to read about all different types of birth experiences and I loved the wide variety of stories that people posted on StorkNet.

3. Parenting Community – Although I personally do not believe in everything I have read on the Parenting website, they do have a great community for just about every parenting situation. I found some great advice from other parents and being involved in an online community has been very encouraging for me.

4. WebMD Pregnancy Health – Whenever I had health questions during my pregnancy, I always found good information at WebMD. It also came in handy for my new mom paranoia questions.

5. American Pregnancy Association – This website has great information to help you plan and prepare for pregnancy, birth and your newborn baby.

6. Pregnancy – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has a special website dedicated to Women’s Health and gives a good bit of information for pregnancy, including government programs for pregnant and new moms.

7. La Leche League International – La Leche League is my favorite website for breastfeeding information and help. It has plenty of information and if you cannot find the answers to your breastfeeding problems, it can point you to someone who wouls be glad to help.

8. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) – I love the MOPS group and their support for mothers of all ages and stages. If you do not have a local community to get involved with, then you can find support from their online community.

9.  Focus on the Family Christian Parenting – This website gives great advice, counseling and encouragement for raising good children in a healthy loving environment.

10.Husband Coached Natural Childbirth (Bradley Method) – I strongly support the Bradley method of childbirth and am so glad that my husband and I chose to learn those techniques for a natural delivery.

11.HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) – This is another technique I considered for a natural childbirth, which involves total relaxation and self hypnosis.

12.Baby Center – I loved the wide variety of conception, pregnancy and parenting tools that I found here and sometimes I would browse around their forum while I was their.

13.Mothering – For a while I was addicted to the “Ask the Experts” section of this website, which lets you ask a child care specialist any question and browse the Q&A from other users. I still like to use it whenever I have an odd parenting question.

14.Kids Health – If you feel like you need a crash course in parenting, this website provides a good guide. – I found the Breastfeeding Q&A  to be very helpful and supportive for breastfeeding moms who have questions, problems or concerns.

16.Cafe Mom – This online community is all about supporting mothers and giving them a voice. I just check in now and then, but some find it very helpful to stay involved in a community for moms.

17.New Parent – My favorite section of this website provides detailed articles on product recalls for parents.

18.Ask Dr. Sears – I am a big fan of Dr. Sears’ pediatric and parenting philosophies,which you may remember from my immunization article. His website is a great parenting resource from a pediatrician’s point-of-view.

19.Childbirth Connection – This article on Childbirth Connections has a comprehensive list of resources for pregnancy complications and issues.

20.FAMILY! I know it seems like I am cheating to have this as a resource, but I have found it to be so true. Family members that have children are the best people to go to for everyday advice because they know you and your situation best. I have been blessed with a wonderful family that has provided me with much need support through my pregnancy and parenting adventures.

Have you found a website to be extremely helpful that I did not mention? Please let me know of any good pregnancy / parenting resources I may have forgot.

pregnancy parenting resources list