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PostHeaderIcon How To Enjoy Stress-Free Flights With Kids

  Written By: Guest Blogger

Traveling With KidsMany parents dread the prospect of flying with their children.

Spending hour after hour in a confined space with kids that struggle to sit still for barely five minutes is in theory a recipe for disaster – but a little planning can change all that and give your family the freedom to jet off to all manner of exotic places on vacation.

To help any moms and dads preparing to make that first flight with their child, here are a few helpful hints and tips.
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PostHeaderIcon Our Transition from Crib to Toddler Bed

  Written By: Melainie

sleepy toddlerBack in March of this year (when Anneliese was a year and a half old) she was becoming interested in her toddler bed, but she wasn’t quite ready for the big change. She enjoyed pretending to sleep in it, and playing on it. But, whenever I tried to lay her down in the “big girl” bed for the night, she would pop up screaming and run for the door. Obviously she wasn’t ready to give up the security of a crib just yet.
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PostHeaderIcon Baby’s Second Birthday!

  Written By: Melainie
birthday teddy bear

Anneliese opening her gift from Great Grammy.

WOW! two years have flown by already, and my precious little bundle of joy has grown into a rambunctious toddler. We just celebrated Anneliese’s second birthday, but it was a little bitter sweet for me. Not only is my baby no longer a baby, but we are far away from our family too. Our families were sweet by calling Anneliese to wish her a Happy Birthday and sent plenty of gifts.
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PostHeaderIcon How to Treat Diaper Rash

  Written By: Guest Blogger

Diaper RashIt is inevitable that at some point or another your baby or toddler is going to get diaper rash. According to Dr. Sears, getting diaper rash is a perfectly normally part of being a baby. There are a number of ways you can treat diaper rash, as well as ways to help your baby or toddler avoid getting diaper rash in the first place.

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PostHeaderIcon “Making Babies” Book and DVD Series Giveaway

  Written By: Melainie

making babiesSince I never struggled with trying to conceive, I don’t really talk about preconception issues here on My Baby Experience. Anneliese was a wonderful unplanned surprise, but I know others who have not been so blessed. Since having Anneliese, I learned that there are many things a woman can do to prepare her body for growing a baby. As Shoshanna Easling says in her book, “there is an art to making babies,” hence the name of the book and DVD set is simply called “Making Babies.”

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