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CouponsAtCheckoutLiving in the arctic has presented many challenges that we have never been faced with in the past. One of the biggest is shopping. In the past if I needed something I would take a five minute drive to the store, but here I don’t always have that option. Sure, there is a “big box” store here but it is about one quarter the size of Wal-Mart. The only things you can find here are the most basic and generic items needed for day-to-day life, and the prices are absurd. This inability to buy the things we want and need locally has forced use to be primarily online shoppers.

I have always been very diligent when it comes to looking for online deals, and one of my many practices is to look for “promo codes” before I make a purchase. I would add the products I wanted to my shopping cart, then at the checkout I would head on over to Google and do a search for “(store name) promo code”. This task could be very time consuming and often take longer than the actual shopping. So, imagine my delight when I find an e-mail from Kate over at in my inbox.

monitor-animI headed over to Coupons At Checkout and the first thing I did was review their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I have always been very diligent with protecting my identity and never installing add-ons or programs that could compromise my information. After I was satisfied with their privacy policies I went ahead and installed the browser plug-in for Google Chrome. The installation was incredibly easy and well explained for those who are new to installing plug-ins. I was concerned that I would have a new bar or icon that would decrease my browser viewing area, or worse, flash unwanted advertisement. But no, there are no visible signs or impediments that the plug-in has been installed.

So, I began to test out the ease and capabilities of my new software. I went to some of my favorite and commonly use e-commerce sites to see if the plug-in could deliver on their promises. The answer is a big fat YES. Not only is the plug-in unobtrusive and extremely useful, but it also functions great. All I had to do was click on the text box for the promo code area and a nice drop down menu would appear with current codes and the discount that would be applied.
To sum it all up, I would have to say that this is one of the most time efficient and money saving tools I have seen in a long time. I would highly recommend that anyone who does even a little online shopping install this browser plug-in. For the sake of being thorough, I installed the plug-in in Google Chrome, Firefox and Explorer (I normally treat Explorer like the plague). It worked well in all three of my browsers, so I guess it’s now time to do some internet shopping.

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