Cabin Fever (and Our Toddler Playing on the Ice)

Kotzebue Alaska apartment

Winter time means cold weather and with that brings cabin fever. So far, we have been blessed with a very mild winter up here in the Alaskan arctic. One day we even had the temperature go above freezing! Whenever I chat with one of the local Inupiat natives, they say the weather feels like springtime.

Kotzebue Alaska apartment
Our apartment is on the right side, top two stories in this photo.

Still, it is cold to a native Alabamian and I have been doing a little hibernating to avoid the subzero temperatures. Since my husband works from home while caring for Anneliese, our adorably energetic toddler, he gets out of the apartment even less than me. I can tell it is starting to wear on him as he is getting very stir-crazy. We both are feeling the effects of cabin fever, so we are learning to take advantage of the days when the temperature is above zero.

2 year old toddlerIf the weather isn’t too bad, we sometimes take Anneliese out to play on the ice and in the snow. She has grown to love playing in the snow and gets so excited whenever we go outside. But when we have really cold days and she stays trapped in the apartment all day, she gets so hyper it is almost unbearable.

I am so thankful that our first winter here has been manageable and not crazy cold like everyone thought it would be. It is usually around -30 to -40 during the winter but lately it has been fluctuating between 20 above and -20, so I can’t complain too much.

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