Toddlerhood: Surviving with a 2 Year Old

adorable toddler face

cute toddlerLife with a toddler is so crazy. I am amazed by all that she is learning and stressed by her temperamental outbursts. It is both scary and sweet when she starts copying everything that I do. Life is getting more complicated as we decide about preschool and playdates, while trying to break our own bad habits so she doesn’t pick them up. At the same time, we have to take her toddler tantrums and extreme energy one day at a time. It is exhausting but this time is precious.

toddler in bathrobe
Toddlers in bathrobes are adorable!
She is growing up way too fast! At 30 months old, my baby’s imagination has really taken off. She is very good at pretending and loves it when her Mommy and Daddy join in on the fun. In this photo, Anneliese had just taken a bath and is sitting on the steps playing with her ice cream toy set. It is amazing how much knowledge a toddler’s brain can soak up in a single day. She is learning so quickly how to interact in this world and understands most of what goes on during the day.

adorable toddler faceWatching her learn is such a joy and we try to cultivate her excitement over learning new things. She is currently obsessed with naming the parts of her face and even asked me to take pictures of each part while pointing to them. “Picture of eye, Mommy! And nose, and ear, lips, cheek, teeth.” I have many pictures of Anneliese’s face now. Her increased knowledge and vast vocabulary continues to amaze me.

toddler dress up
Anneliese loves to play dress up . Always a girly girl.
She has also learned some of our bad habits and ways to avoid doing things that she doesn’t feel like doing. Sometimes she’ll say “I’m too busy,” whenever I tell to stop doing something or pick up her toys. If we tell her to get down because she started climbing on something, she might say “I’m too tired.” So, she hasn’t quite figured out where those phrases fit in, but using them usually helps her get out of trouble because it’s so cute. We are learning not to make so many concessions when it comes to discipline, though. As long as she understands the rules (and knows she won’t get away with anything) she tries to be good. Her ability to understand a person’s emotions and care about other people’s feelings is so sweet. I truly feel blessed. The two’s aren’t so terrible, I suppose.

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  1. Anneliese is so cute and sounds like she learns fast and enjoys learning. Reminds me of my girl when she was that age. She is still way too cute and it is still fun to see her learn new things.

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