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My Baby Girl Anneliese

Thanks for visiting my baby blog!I hope you feel more enlightened or encouraged after reading what I have to say. Maybe you disagree with some of the points that I talk about (I can be very opinionated sometimes) but that is okay. I love to hear other viewpoints and welcome all comments on my baby blog as long as you keep it civil (and don’t sound spammy). If there are any baby blog topics you would like for me to talk about, just head over to my contact page and shoot me an email- your opinions are actually important, and I would love to hear from you.

If you are new to my baby blog, I suggest checking out my holiday facts and stats– the most popular posts other than those list on the left side bar. Another great read is my list of 101 Things To Do Before Having a Baby. My most controversial baby blog post so far has been Five Reasons not to Immunize Baby (Yet).

My Baby Blog

Now how did this baby blog get started and why? ¬†Two years ago I would not have thought I will end up writing a baby blog, actually I would not have thought I will be a mommy. I have always been good at writing but I never wanted to be a writer. After my surprise pregnancy, I decided to take an undetermined length of time off from work to care for my precious baby. During this time my husband convinced me to do a little writing about my experiences, and this writing adventure turned into My Baby Experience, an unplanned baby blog which I am now cultivating with my husband’s encouragement.

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The Duckworth Family

Why I Have a Baby Blog

When I first found out I was pregnant, I panicked and just had to read everything I could about pregnancy and babies, including many baby blogs. I have a tendency to research whatever I want to know until I find out all I can about that subject, and the subject of pregnancy was no different. As a scientist I enjoy solving problems and I took my pregnancy as a fun scientific learning experience.

A Baby Blog is Born

After my baby was born, I continued to learn and attain as much knowledge about babies as I could. Since I was staying home with my baby, my husband thought it would be good for me to write a hobby baby blog about all that I learn. This was just for fun at first and when people started to enjoy what I was writing it turned into the official baby blog called My Baby Experience.

Who Am I

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Webmaster Melainie

So, who is this opinionated person and why should I believe anything I read in her baby blog? Well, you don’t have to believe it all or any of it, but I try to put trustworthy references in my posts, especially those representing any facts that I have gleaned. Because knowledge is power, right?

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My Husband Jonathan

I am a 25 year old Mommy to a precious baby girl, and wife to a very wise husband who is also a computer geek. He is my jack-0f-all-trades, Army medic, problem solver that I have come to depend upon during this crazy year with our baby. Together we are an invincible force out to educate everyone on what we have learned from our experiences with baby.

Before I was author of this awesome baby blog (tooting my own horn, sorry), I was a Medical Laboratory Scientist who loved to talk about diseases and disorders a little too much. I am very passionate about scientific research and I think this helps me to have a different viewpoint from other Mommy and Baby Blogs. If you want to support my endeavors and baby blog, you can vote for me once a day by clicking on the sites listed under “Please Vote For Me” in the left sidebar.