Parenting Papers

Now that my baby has grown out of her toddler years to become a preschooler, I’ve found the theme for My Baby Experience has become about children instead of babies. (Also, I talk a lot about our new community.) I have enjoyed learning and growing into my parenting role, and I continue to do so.

I have found a new theme that is more responsive and better all around. My new website is titled Parenting Papers, because that is exactly what it is all about. It is a whitepapers website for parenting. I continue my personal blog through the Parenting Papers, but I encourage other parents to contribute their “two cents” so we can have a plethora of ideas, advice, funny stories, etc.

Parenting Papers

I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings on the new site and I hope you feel inspired to add your own thoughts from time to time. Please do not hesitate to tell me what you think. Parenting takes teamwork, and we can all benefit from an outside point-of-view.

Parenting Papers- for all things parenting, a community driven whitepapers resource and shared inspirational outlet for this crazy life adventure called PARENTING.

Photo Tour of Kotzebue- Visiting Town (Part 2)

arctic tundra toddlerI finally got around to posting the second part of the tour around my small town. (Here is Part 1 if you missed it.) If you ever get a chance to visit this wonderful little community way out here in the arctic tundra, then you will probable stay at the Nullagvik Hotel or Bayside Inn.

The Nullagvik Hotel is the closest we have to fine dining and upscale-ish lodging in town. The restaurant has a beautiful view of Kotzebue Sound and the food is delicious.

Nullagvik Hotel Kotzebue
Nullagvik Hotel- the fanciest place in town.

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Kobuk 440 Dog Sled (or Mushing) Race Video

kobuk 440 dog sled race

Back in mid-April, we watched the start of the famous dog mushing race, the Kobuk 440. Considered to be one of the most dangerous sled dog races, it is a challenging course that takes the mushers to every village in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Dog mushing is an important part of Inupiaq culture and a favorite pastime for many people up here in Kotzebue.
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My First Time Snowmobiling (Video)

snowmobilingThis past spring, I practiced driving our new snowmobile. It was very easy to drive but I was nervous so I didn’t go very fast. I never realized how much fun snowmobiling could be for the entire family (so long as everyone is bundled up well.)
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Ice Fishing in the Arctic

Jonathan With Sheefish

One of the awesome perks of living on a spit of land surrounded by fresh and salt waters is the great fishing. The last few weeks have been prime ice fishing conditions for Sheefish. The whole town can be seen fishing just off the north side of town when the Sheefish are biting. Sheefish are a white fish and taste like a cross between Salmon and Halibut. I was very surprised by the size of the Sheefish, they are on average 30lb and can get to be much bigger. Some of the fish we caught were the size of Anneliese and weighed what felt like a ton carrying them into the house for cleaning.

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