Cloth Diapering on a Budget

The following guest post from Nisha Sharma is an informative post about low-cost cloth diapering. Nisha represents a website called, which is dedicated to offering you free stuff.

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Cloth Diapers for Baby

Cloth DiapersCloth diapering has been around for quite some time. There are a large number of benefits associated with cloth diapering, which is the reason why so many women are choosing cloth diapers for their babies. One common myth regarding clothing diapers is that they are expensive to purchase. Can cloth diapers be costly? Yes. But do they have to be? No. There are cost effective options for cloth diapering babies on even the tightest of budgets.

Go Second Hand

Cloth diapers have a lengthy shelf-life and can last for many years. As a matter of fact, many families can cloth diaper all of their babies using the same exact batch of diapers if they care for them properly. There are many websites out there that offer opportunities for women to purchase pre-owned cloth diapers for only a fraction of the cost of brand new cloth diapers. Consider asking a friend or relative if you can purchase their cloth diapers once they are finished using them. No one can have too many cloth diaper inserts, so never pass up opportunities to purchase them separately if offered a chance.

Keep it Simple

Families can successfully cloth diaper their babies without all of the fancy new diaper upgrades that are being
peddled these days. Sure it would be nice to have the latest and greatest in cloth diapers gracing your child’s bum, but the truth is that they are unnecessary. If the standard cloth diaper inserts are not providing the baby with enough absorbency, simply add an extra insert into the diaper and the problem is solved. For centuries, women have cloth diapered babies with just the bare minimum, but modern cloth diapers offer all of the bells and whistles that are needed to do a quality job.

Use Wash Rags for Wipes

Wash rags, or really any type of soft cloth for that matter, can thoroughly clean and refresh a baby without the need of store-bought wipes. A great deal of money can be saved by avoiding any type of unnecessary diapering items such as wipes. Cloth wipes can simply be tossed into the wash and reused for a long period of time. Cloth wipes are also much gentler for cleaning the skin and don’t cause exposure to chemicals or fragrances. Sensitive bums will appreciate the cloth wipes.

Air Dry

With the rising cost of electricity, some parents may feel that using an electric dryer for cloth diapers can become expensive. To limit the use of electricity, hang a line in your yard and allow the cloth diapers to dry outside. Generations before us got by on so much less than what we have become accustomed to, and there is no reason why we can’t do things the way they did. If line drying leaves the diapers feeling stiff, toss them into the dryer just until the material relaxes.

Cloth diapers drying

High-Efficiency Detergent

Despite what the labels on the laundry detergent state, it is common knowledge that a little detergent goes a long way, so refrain from wasting detergent by limiting the amount tossed into the wash. High-Efficiency detergents can do the same job as your standard detergent and require a much less amount.

Say “NO” to Disposables

No diaperIt is not uncommon to find a hidden stash of disposable diapers in the closet of a cloth diapering mommy. Many families feel that they need to have a backup plan for diapering should they travel, leave the house, or any other well-meaning excuse for having disposables. Unfortunately, by having disposable diapers as a “Plan B,” families end up wasting money by investing even more additional cash into the diapering of their babies. Cloth diapers can work just as well as disposables when outside of the home. Consider using a “wet bag” to transport soiled items home.

Freelance Writing Gigs for Money

make money writingLately I have been looking for more ways to make a little extra money without having to take on a part time job. Money is tight for just about everyone right now and we could all benefit from an additional source of income no matter how small.

Money from Freelance Writing Opportunities

I have begun working as an online freelance writer for various companies who connect authors with clients needing written works. At first I was just trying it out and only wrote about once a week, but now I try to write almost every day. It has been paying off pretty well, especially whenever I get in my groove and the words flow quickly. I have truly been enjoying it, so I thought it would only be fair to share this with you.

freelance writing gigs for money

I want every parent to have a chance at staying home with their baby if that is what they desire. I understand how that feels and I believe that resigning from my great career to care for my baby was the right decision for me. It has been difficult at times but finding flexible work-from-home type of jobs has helped us greatly.

If you enjoy writing and do reasonably well at it, then I think you will have a good time making some extra cash in the comfort of your own home through freelance writing gigs. Currently, I am working with Text Broker the most and find their business model most conducive for me.

Writing for Text Broker

When you sign up with Text Broker, they grade your first work to establish the quality of your writing. Once you have been accepted, you will be able to choose any article you want to write about as long as it is at or below your established writing level. Text Broker pays per word and the higher your writing level, the more you will get paid. You don’t have a minimum number of articles to write and you don’t have to write anything that you don’t like. Plus, you can cash out every week if you have $10 or more in your account.

Writing for Freelancer Careers

Freelancer Careers is another good freelance writing company that lets you choose the articles you write and how many. I haven’t worked with them for long so I do not have as much experience. They base the pay on the quality of your work but also give better pay for articles with short deadlines, unlike Text Broker. I may end up writing for them more in the near future as I adjust to their flow of business.

Other Helpful Tips

Occasionally I enjoy stopping by Freelance Writing Jobs, a freelance writer’s blog, for helpful tips and encouragement.

I have visited several freelance websites that do not specifically say you get to choose what you write about and I never sign up with those companies. Some have a specific number of articles you must write per week and do not let you pick which ones you write about.

Be cautious concerning which companies receive your personal information and be sure you agree before “signing” their terms of service.

Enjoy your work and take pride in your accomplishments!

Keep Parenthood Costs Down with These Tips

{The following is a guest post, kindly provided by Phill, a money saving guru. If you have any tips to add, please feel free to leave a comment.}
save parenthood costs guest

Keep Parenthood Costs Down with These Tips:

save parenthood costsIt can be expensive to be a parent. You become financially responsible for every aspect of your child’s care, from food and shelter, to day-care and school supplies. Many people do not realize just how expensive it can be to raise a child. However, there are things you can do to reduce the cost that comes with being a parent.

Save on Supplies and Clothes

• One of the easiest ways to save is to stay away from name brands. This applies to everything from clothes to diapers to food snacks that you buy. However, you would also be wise to take advantage of free baby stuff that a number of sites and organisations offer.

• You can also save by buying many items second-hand instead of brand new. This may begin with the toys and furniture you purchase for your little one, but can carry over into sports equipment and instruments, as your child gets older. Buying second-hand initially allows your child to test out his new interest without the added pressure of the cost, and you can always resell it if he doesn’t like it. Additionally you can always upgrade to a new instrument or piece of equipment if he or she ends up being a prodigy.

• If you have more than one child, save and reuse everything you can. Purchase clothes that will still be in fashion in a year or two, and reuse the items for your next child. You can supplement with one or two new things, but you will save significantly since you do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe.

save on parenting costs

Save on Activities and Other Costs

• Instead of doing a private league for sports or attending a studio for dance classes, check your local Parks and Recreation department to see if you can save money. Check out nearby cities as well, because with non-resident fees, you may find a better deal.

• Take advantage of any sibling discounts you can for everything from day-care, to private school tuition to gymnastic lessons. You just need to ask to see if you qualify to save money on these activities.

Pay in advance or buy packages to save money. Some programs will offer a huge monthly discount if you sign up for a quarter or a year at a time, and they may still offer a monthly payment plan to make things more manageable.

Although the additional costs of parenthood can be expensive, you can use strategies to save money every day. Be sure to comparison shop everything from the items you buy to the services you use. Sometimes you will want to pay top dollar for the better items, but often you can get by with the cheaper items.

From Natural Parenting to Credit Cards – Five Ways to Save Money When Baby Arrives

credit cards save money with baby

parenting and financial planning{The following is a guest post provided by Mike Brains, a financial advice blogger from the U.K. You can find other articles by him on Thanks Mike for providing us with this useful information!}

We hardly need to mention how expensive children can be – it’s pretty well documented that they can cost thousands of pounds until they fly the nest (and often beyond).

Chances are, in the years leading up to the birth of your first child, you’ve enjoyed the financial freedom that comes with having no dependents. However, you’ll want rein in your reckless spending once your baby arrives – and there are plenty of ways save money. The features that certain credit cards boast can help you cut costs, while adopting natural parenting techniques can also help you save a small fortune (not to mention give your child a great start in life). Here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Spread the cost with your credit card
Thinking about how you’ll pay for cots, bedding, car seats, clothes and the other things that crop up when you have a baby? Then using a balance transfer credit card to spread the cost could be useful – get a lengthy 0% introductory period on purchases and make sure you pay off the minimum amount at the end of every month without fail.

2. Carrying out balance transfers
If you’re setting a new family budget, you’ll want to save every penny you can. Also, if you’ve got outstanding balances on other cards, carrying out a balance transfer to a card with a lengthy 0% balance transfer period could save you money each and every month.

3. Get cashback on your purchases
If you’ve decided to compare credit cards, be on the lookout for attractive cashback deals, especially if they offer a certain percentage in big chain stores where you’re likely to be spending plenty of money on baby products.

4. Become an attachment parent
Breastfeeding your baby for at least the first couple of years – as recommended by the World Health Organisation – not only gives her the best, healthiest start in life, but it’ll also save a small fortune on inferior formula milk and bottles. Similarly, using cloth nappies which can be washed and reused is not only kinder on baby’s skin than disposables; it’s also much, much cheaper.

5. Make-do and mend
Not everything you buy for your baby needs to be brand new. Babies grow so fast that they may only wear an outfit once – so ask around for hand-me-downs from relatives and friends. Also check freecycling sites for free, second-hand furniture and toys – there are plenty of people out there eager to lend a hand to their fellow parents.

And remember that no matter how much money you save with a credit card or through natural parenting in these early years, this is only the start – you’ve got decades more of being tapped up for money by your kids, so get used to it!