10-Minute Workouts While Baby Naps

My doctor recommended three workouts, that you can easily fit in while baby’s snoozin’ in the afternoon or kicking away in her bouncy seat. Each mini routine is a series of three simple moves that shape up your entire body, especially the core and back muscles you need to strengthen for toting your new bundle of love around!

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Good Food & Bad Food When Pregnant

VegtablesPregnancy is a trying time in any woman’s life as she has to take extra care of not only herself, but of a new life that is completely dependent on her for growth, development and support. What you eat during pregnancy has a huge impact on the health of your soon to be born baby, which is why you should know which foods you should incorporate into your diet, and which foods you should eliminate entirely when you are pregnant.

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Why All School And No Play Makes A Child Depressed

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Recent studies indicate that many children and teenagers today are experiencing clinical depression even before they get to their 18th birthday. This factor is attributed to limited playtime. The world is changing rapidly becoming more competitive for everyone, including children. Many factors in a child’s life are tugging at them to perform better.

There is constant pressure to get higher grades, clinch a sporting trophy, become better than their siblings, receive praise from parents and get approval from society. For a young child in the process of socialization, this is too much for them at such a young age and all this is at the expense of their growth and development.

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Bikram Yoga for Relaxation and Fitness

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bikram yoga workoutKristin Wells is a recent college graduate from The University of Georgia and an aspiring writer. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives through her writing. Kristin also likes competitive cycling, running, and traveling as much as possible.

With the little ones running around, it can be tough for mom to get any time to herself, let alone time to stay in shape. Bikram Yoga is not only a great way to relax and de-stress, it also provides an intense workout that will help you get back the figure you remember. A full set can be completed in just an hour, and unlike many forms of yoga, it will definitely leave you feeling like you got a workout.

yoga babyBikram Yoga, named for founder Bikram Choudrey, is purely hatha, or physical. The room is usually reminiscent of a sauna, kept warm to help loosen stiff muscles and joints. The heated room has been shown to increase your metabolism and speed up the burning of fats. It is a little off putting at first because it’s out of the ordinary, but you learn to enjoy it when you start feeling the benefits. The first set of poses are performed standing, while the second half is made up of more intense floor work. Each pose is repeated twice, allowing the muscles to become more flexible quickly. The series starts slowly with breathing and warm ups, and leads to more intense poses as you go along.

The poses can be intimidating at first, and Bikram warns that you may feel a bit like a “baby elephant” when trying to work your body into challenging positions, but this style of yoga can work for any skill level. Perform the poses every day to the best of your ability and within a month you will be astounded at your increased flexibility and comfort level. It took me around a month before I didn’t feel like I had to watch everyone else and emulate what they were doing. The first time was hard, of course, because I had never really experienced yoga before, but the learning curve isn’t too steep where it’s off putting. The temperature and the challenging nature of the positions will get you burning calories, while the deep relaxation necessary to fully achieve each pose will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

For mothers to be, Bikram Yoga can help give you greater control over your muscles and a greater pelvic flexibility that can ease the birth process. Just make sure to approve some of the more challenging positions with your doctor. Bikram Yoga is a great option for a wide range of people. Those who want the flexibility afforded by yoga but don’t feel challenged enough by a slower pace will get the challenge they crave. Doing Bikram once a week can help you gain the benefits, but multiple times a week can give you optimal stress and anxiety benefits for your health and wellness. Yoga could also assist patients diagnosed with different types of mesothelioma. Mothers with a limited amount of time in the day will enjoy the fact that it only takes a single hour to perform. People with physical conditions that prevent more extreme forms of exercise will be able to go at their own pace and slowly build their strength.

Bikram Yoga is a fun and effective way to reach your fitness goals, which is well worth giving a try.