Save Time And Money With CouponsAtCheckout.Com

CouponsAtCheckoutLiving in the arctic has presented many challenges that we have never been faced with in the past. One of the biggest is shopping. In the past if I needed something I would take a five minute drive to the store, but here I don’t always have that option. Sure, there is a “big box” store here but it is about one quarter the size of Wal-Mart. The only things you can find here are the most basic and generic items needed for day-to-day life, and the prices are absurd. This inability to buy the things we want and need locally has forced use to be primarily online shoppers.

I have always been very diligent when it comes to looking for online deals, and one of my many practices is to look for “promo codes” before I make a purchase. I would add the products I wanted to my shopping cart, then at the checkout I would head on over to Google and do a search for “(store name) promo code”. This task could be very time consuming and often take longer than the actual shopping. So, imagine my delight when I find an e-mail from Kate over at in my inbox.

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Super Awesome Canvas Print Giveaway

For the last several months since Melainie and I moved to the arctic, we have managed to take thousands of beautiful pictures. Unfortunately there is nowhere here to have the pictures printed, and it’s pointless to have them if you don’t view them. So imagine my joy when I get an e-mail from the friendly folks at and see that they wanted to do a giveaway. Not only can I get a nice wall print but it’s an awesome canvas print on a ready to hang frame.
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R – “Making Babies” Book and DVD Series Giveaway

making babiesSince I never struggled with trying to conceive, I don’t really talk about preconception issues here on My Baby Experience. Anneliese was a wonderful unplanned surprise, but I know others who have not been so blessed. Since having Anneliese, I learned that there are many things a woman can do to prepare her body for growing a baby. As Shoshanna Easling says in her book, “there is an art to making babies,” hence the name of the book and DVD set is simply called “Making Babies.”

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Relationships in Motherhood: Mom Connection (Book Giveaway)

mom friendsOne of the most difficult challenges that comes with motherhood is the loneliness and lack of companionship. Even though you are with somebody 24/7, you are actually alone,and it is not easy to make friends when you are taking care of that little person around the clock. I have really struggled with this area in my life and still find it difficult to make friends with other mothers. Now that I am in a completely new environment, it is time to learn how to create new “mom connections” and make friends.

I have been reading the book Mom Connection by Tracey Bianchi, which is about “creating vibrant relationships in the midst of motherhood,” to help me learn how to accomplish this. I love the MOPS organization and found their previously sponsored book to be very encouraging and uplifting. Now, I am learning an important life lesson through the workbook/inspirational book Mom Connection. A class on how to make friends and build relationships was not offered to me growing up, even though it is a very important part of life.

Some people are naturally outgoing and do not struggle with this nearly as much as we introverted people. Even with an outgoing personality, you may not know how to foster those connections you make, though. For those of you who feel like this is an area you need to develop more, the Mom Connection book is an amazing life tool. From creating your own life rhythm to sharing it with others, this book can teach anyone to grow their relationship personalities through it’s helpful tools and exercises.

This book is about living into life’s rhythm so we can connect and create vibrant relationships as moms. ~Tracey Bianchi

I have learned so much about myself and some of my personality flaws by seriously thinking through the questions Tracey poses at the end of each chapter. After understanding myself better, I have been able to improve my personality traits and this is helping me grow better relationships. This is extremely important because every mom needs to make connections if she wants to stay sane after having a baby.

mom friends

Even though I have struggled to make good mom friends, I have a supportive family that I knew I could always depend on whenever I needed help or advice. Now that I am on the opposite side of the continent, I need a new support group that I know I can depend on. I will always have my family to talk to, but I need some mom connections too.

If you would like a copy of Mom Connection, you can buy it on and enter to win it in my giveaway. This book is sponsored by the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) organization, which I absolutely love and encourage all moms to check them out. If you would like to know more about Tracey and this book, check out her website called

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My Glowing Facial with the Personal Microderm

home facial kitWhat stay-at-home mama has the cash or time to go to the spa for a professional facial? I will definitely never do that, but I do have 15 minutes during my day to do it myself. Also, the price tag for my very own PMD personal microdermabrasion kit is much better than the one-time-only treatment cost at the spa.

At first glance this seems like something an older person would need, not for the 25 year old mom. Actually, I have learned that microdermabrasion does a lot more than erase fine lines and wrinkles. It also evens skin tone, buffs away blemishes, scars, acne, even mild burn marks, and helps diminish the skin’s imperfections at the Stratum Corneum layer of skin. This is something no cream or moisturizer could ever do, because it is deep down where only a dermabrasion treatment can reach.

facial treatment at home

Just watch how quick and easy it was for me to give myself an at-home microdermabrasion treatment. (Keep in mind: I did watch the 5 minute instructional DVD that came in the kit before trying the PMD for myself.)

Sometimes a woman just needs to pamper herself and do something that makes her feel extra beautiful. I had some acne and chicken pox scars that, although not very visible, have always bothered me. I was really excited about trying this product and improving my complexion. I can’t wait to see the results after a few more treatments.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can read more about the PMD and purchase your own at or check out their Facebook page.