Kobuk 440 Dog Sled (or Mushing) Race Video

kobuk 440 dog sled race

Back in mid-April, we watched the start of the famous dog mushing race, the Kobuk 440. Considered to be one of the most dangerous sled dog races, it is a challenging course that takes the mushers to every village in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Dog mushing is an important part of Inupiaq culture and a favorite pastime for many people up here in Kotzebue.
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My First Time Snowmobiling (Video)

snowmobilingThis past spring, I practiced driving our new snowmobile. It was very easy to drive but I was nervous so I didn’t go very fast. I never realized how much fun snowmobiling could be for the entire family (so long as everyone is bundled up well.)
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Ice Fishing in the Arctic

Jonathan With Sheefish

One of the awesome perks of living on a spit of land surrounded by fresh and salt waters is the great fishing. The last few weeks have been prime ice fishing conditions for Sheefish. The whole town can be seen fishing just off the north side of town when the Sheefish are biting. Sheefish are a white fish and taste like a cross between Salmon and Halibut. I was very surprised by the size of the Sheefish, they are on average 30lb and can get to be much bigger. Some of the fish we caught were the size of Anneliese and weighed what felt like a ton carrying them into the house for cleaning.

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Photo Tour of Kotzebue – Moving to Town (Part 1)

arctic tundra cliff
Cliff overlooking Kotzebue Sound in the winter- it was a beautiful view.

Although we live in a small town with no roads going out, we still have government offices, businesses, schools, and churches. Everything is a little different up here, so I thought it would be fun to give everyone a tour of the town.

Alaska Commercial Center
This is the first place I went to when we first arrived in Kotzebue. The AC (Alaska Commercial Center) is the Alaskan bush version of a Wal-Mart store.

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Playing in a Winter Wonderland the Inupiat Way

beautiful arctic sky

toddler snow angelNow that the temperature has warmed up slightly, we are able to enjoy the snowy outdoors. Anneliese has always been an outdoorsy girl and, although it took some adjustment, she loves playing outside even in the arctic winter. Whenever we go out, she runs and plops down in the snow making snow angels.She also has had tons of fun sledding with mommy and daddy.
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