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PostHeaderIcon My Toddler Found My Lip Gloss (Video)

  Written By: Melainie

Lipgloss babyAbout a month ago, I walked into the bathroom and found my adorable little girl sitting on the bathroom counter with lip gloss smeared all around her lips. She had apparently found my makeup bag and decided to put lipstick on just like Mommy. I was able to get her confession and explanation on video (listening to toddlers explain their motives can be a lot of fun.) It was so cute and she was adorable- I couldn’t get upset about it!
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PostHeaderIcon Sleepy Toddler Video

  Written By: Melainie

sleeping toddlerToddlers seem to have only two modes; either you can’t keep up with them or you can’t keep they awake. There is something about seeing a sleeping child that makes everyone smile- toddlers and babies look so precious when they are sleeping. I love to watch Anneliese sleep but watching her try to stay awake can be fun too. I think this video of my toddler trying to stay awake while eating is hilarious.
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PostHeaderIcon My Adorable Dancing Toddler (Video)

  Written By: Melainie

Anneliese loves dancing, especially when the hokey pokey song is playing. We have a Sesame Street DVD that plays the Hokey Pokey and she really gets into it sometimes. She is so adorable, I just had to share this.

P.S. My house is a mess because Anneliese loves to throw her toys everywhere. So, this is pretty much how our living room looks most of the time…

PostHeaderIcon What Does A Newborn Baby Actually See?

  Written By: Guest Blogger

Baby eye

When a baby is first born, its eye muscles are very uncoordinated and not very strong.  In fact, most first-time mothers are horrified to see that their precious new babies sometimes look slightly cross-eyed – which is generally simply because a newborn baby is unable to move both eyes at once due to poor muscle control. This look normally rectifies itself as a baby’s eye muscles grow in strength.

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PostHeaderIcon Children’s Autumn/Winter Essentials

  Written By: Guest Blogger

POP Children OuterwearAs the cold months roll in and you see the last warmth of summer really start to dwindle, the auburn leaves on the trees remind you that it’s time to pack up the summer wear and start thinking about wrapping up warm.

If you’ve got little ones in the house, there really is a lot to think about when it comes to autumn/winter clothing. There are some essentials that every baby, child and pre-teen needs to make sure they are warm and comfortable in the winter months. If you have a lot to think about and are a very busy parent, you may be worried you are forgetting something important; the best thing to do is to sit down and make a list of all the winter garments you think your family will need.
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