Cabin Fever (and Our Toddler Playing on the Ice)

Winter time means cold weather and with that brings cabin fever. So far, we have been blessed with a very mild winter up here in the Alaskan arctic. One day we even had the temperature go above freezing! Whenever I chat with one of the local Inupiat natives, they say the weather feels like springtime.

Kotzebue Alaska apartment
Our apartment is on the right side, top two stories in this photo.

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Keeping Warm in the Arctic Winter

The first day of winter has come but cold temperatures are nothing new for us up here in the arctic. It has been below zero for the past month already. Some days, when the Siberian winds are blowing  at 30-40 mph, the wind chill makes the temperature feel like it’s -50 degrees (Fahrenheit).

arctic Kotzebue alaska
(November 17, 2012) Kotzebue, Alaska- 33 miles above the Arctic Circle. We live on this small spit of land that juts out into the Kotzebue Sound, which is connected to the Chukchi Sea.

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