Toddlerhood: Surviving with a 2 Year Old

cute toddlerLife with a toddler is so crazy. I am amazed by all that she is learning and stressed by her temperamental outbursts. It is both scary and sweet when she starts copying everything that I do. Life is getting more complicated as we decide about preschool and playdates, while trying to break our own bad habits so she doesn’t pick them up. At the same time, we have to take her toddler tantrums and extreme energy one day at a time. It is exhausting but this time is precious.
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Veggie Gardening with Baby 102

garden plants

Now that my seedlings have grown bigger, it’s time to transplant them into separate biodegradable containers. I am planting them in peat moss pots which I can place directly in the ground after I have prepared the garden and there is no more possibility of frost. I have also begun tilling the ground and mixing some compost fertilizer in with the soil to get it ready for the plants. Getting it all accomplished while entertaining a baby was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I kept her buckled in the baby stroller as mommy and daddy worked, and she chatted away for us in baby talk.

gardening baby

Since my baby loves being outdoors, she was very content with watching mommy plant, and hopefully she will learn a little too.  As I transplanted the plants, I mixed some of my soil from the lawn in with the rest of the dirt so the heirloom seedlings can adapt to my specific soil conditions. This will also make the transition of pot to ground a little easier on them when the time comes. Once I transplanted them all, I watered them thoroughly so that it soaked through the container and set them in the sunshine. I have begun hardening them off (preparing them for life outside) by placing them out in the sun during the day and bringing them in at night.

baby's garden

Once the seedlings were taken care of, I set to work with my husband tilling the garden plot (actually I had him till while I spread the compost and entertained the baby). It looked like a lot of hard work but the baby and I cheered him on. Now that the rich compost is spread on the top soil we will have to till a second time once we are ready to plant the plants outside. That is too much work for one day, so we will hopefully finish this phase of veggie gardening next week. I am really starting to get excited about producing our own homegrown vegetables to make homemade baby food. Well, it’s time for me to go bring my plants inside for the night.

Feel free to comment! How does your garden grow?