30 Days of Dark (I’m Glad to See the Sun Rise)

Living in the arctic during the winter is a very unique experience. Besides the extreme cold, snow drifts, and blizzards, you also have to deal with continuous darkness. Where I live the sun does not fully rise for about a month beginning with the winter solstice. After continuous darkness for the past month, I am so glad to see the sun rise all the way over the horizon.

Arctic sunrise
Is that sunlight?!

Back in December the sun began to rise later and set earlier at a rapid pace until we reached the winter solstice. Then, for the next 28 days we only saw the glow on the horizon around 2 in the afternoon. Now the sun is slowly coming back and staying for a few hours during the day.
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Thrush and Breastfeeding

breastfeeding support at workWhen I was a kid, I thought my mom knew everything. It seemed like she just had all the answers, on every aspect of life.

I must not have gotten that mothering gene. In fact I feel like I don’t ever know anything: I’m constantly winging everything and just hoping for the best….

Like how to potty train a three-year old boy (after trying numerous times when he was a two-year-old)…

And then how to retrain them when they regress after you have baby #2…
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The Miracle and Medical Miracles of Birth

cord blood bankingThey say pregnancy is a life changer but not many people know that it also is a life saver. The birth of your baby is a special moment for your family, the moment when you are not just a couple but also parents responsible for the life and protection of a whole new human being; but with that all powerful moment comes another all powerful decision, a decision that could save the life of your newborn.

When you learn that you are pregnant doctors nowadays will recommend making decisions to prepare for ensuring the baby’s health.  So many illnesses exist in this world that can tragically strike any family within a moment’s eye with no warning in some cases; which is why it’s all the more better to listen to your doctor’s advice on procedures like cord blood banking.
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10-Minute Workouts While Baby Naps

My doctor recommended three workouts, that you can easily fit in while baby’s snoozin’ in the afternoon or kicking away in her bouncy seat. Each mini routine is a series of three simple moves that shape up your entire body, especially the core and back muscles you need to strengthen for toting your new bundle of love around!

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R – “Making Babies” Book and DVD Series Giveaway

making babiesSince I never struggled with trying to conceive, I don’t really talk about preconception issues here on My Baby Experience. Anneliese was a wonderful unplanned surprise, but I know others who have not been so blessed. Since having Anneliese, I learned that there are many things a woman can do to prepare her body for growing a baby. As Shoshanna Easling says in her book, “there is an art to making babies,” hence the name of the book and DVD set is simply called “Making Babies.”

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