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PostHeaderIcon Sleepy Toddler Video

  Written By: Melainie

sleeping toddlerToddlers seem to have only two modes; either you can’t keep up with them or you can’t keep they awake. There is something about seeing a sleeping child that makes everyone smile- toddlers and babies look so precious when they are sleeping. I love to watch Anneliese sleep but watching her try to stay awake can be fun too. I think this video of my toddler trying to stay awake while eating is hilarious.
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PostHeaderIcon Benefits of Music for My Baby

  Written By: Melainie

music baby dancing cuteWhen my baby was 3 months old I could already see the affects that certain music had on her. So, I decided to do a little research about the benefits of music for babies when I wrote my “For the Love of Music” post. Now that I have cultivated this love of music in my baby I am really beginning to see benefits from listening to good music with her.

My baby absolutely loves music. Anytime she hears music, she stops what she is doing to listen and usually dance to it. Her favorite time of the day is our “piano lesson” time together. Do you remember that video of my baby playing piano at 7 months old? We have fun banging on the piano together every day and I have found that letting her play piano with mommy can quickly snap her out of a grumpy mood. It also gets her to start dancing- I believe she is the only baby that dances to Classical piano music.

Lately she has begun dancing to every bit of music she hears. When we sing the “Good Morning” song, she dances; when we sing the bath time song, she dances. Sometimes she will break out into dance without any music. My baby loves to dance and it is so adorable and hilarious that I had to record it.

Obviously, introducing my baby to good music when she was an infant has had a positive effect on her life. I don’t think enough parents realize the positive influence that good music can have for babies. It can calm, soothe, excite, and cheer up the most sour baby. It can also enhance their learning experience and cultivate a good sense of quality music that will go with them throughout their life. Have you noticed any benefits of music for your baby?

PostHeaderIcon Top 10 Worst Baby Products

  Written By: Melainie

Top 10 Worst Baby Products Ever!

These are products I have come across that seem absurd or ridiculous to me, but it is only my personal opinion. For a list of my five favorite baby products read Worth the Money.

10) Thudguard Baby Helmet: I understand the importance of safety for our children, but
there is a point where a parent can be detrimentally protective. I doubt my daughter would
be complacent if I tried to keep a helmet on her head all day. It looks annoying and in the way of the child’s vision, plus it prevents kids from learning to be careful. If you have one of these, I understand you are just trying to protect your child, but it isn’t something I would put on my helmet


9) Baby Toupeebaby toupee Speaking of baby’s head, how about a baby toupee for those poor bald babies with low self-esteem. Yes, it is a real product you can buy and I can prove it. The mission statement says parenting can be a source of amusement- great let’s dress our children up and then make fun of them. Below is a funny commercial for baby toupee’s from SNL.


8) HeelariousBaby’s first High Heels: heelarious shoes for babyWhile we are on the topic of comedy at our child’s expense why don’t we throw on a pair of baby heels? Poor child is having a hard enough time learning how to walk without adding the difficulty of walking in heels too. Hmmm, what if we combined all three- safety hat with a Lil’ Kim wig underneath and some baby heels- good clean comedy for parents. Seriously, do we really need to push fashion extremes onto babies? You can find out more by visiting the Heelarious site.


7) Baby Cologne– Yep we are trying to turn the baby into a miniature adult. I love newborn baby smell and can’t imagine wanting to cover that up using chemicals that could be dangerous for the baby.I don’t understand how this product hasn’t bombed yet, but apparently you can still purchase it because here it is: Johnson’s Baby Cologne

baby cologne
6) Daddle– This is a saddle for horseback riding on dad’s back. So, now that we have made
fun of our children I guess it’s their turn to get revenge by subjugating daddy to
humiliating servitude. If only it came with a riding crop to keep daddy in line. You can get one of these at daddle.comdaddle
5) Baby Mop– Your baby can clean for you as they crawl around on your dirty floor. My baby would never go for this because she hates to lay on her belly, but even if she would, it would be disgusting to do that to her. Yuck, I would not do this myself, much less subject my baby (who doesn’t have a strong immune system yet) to mop the floor with her face so close to the dirt. I’m not sure if this is actually a real product or a practical joke mop


4) Nosefrida The Snotsucker

snotsuckerThis is exactly what it sounds like, and very disgusting. Hey parents, don’t let your child suffer from their virus or sinus infection alone. Now you can share the symptoms by sucking their nose snot right into your own mouth and thereby getting the same illness. This product is so gross, I can’t believe anyone would want to purchase it.


3) Infant Inflatable Neck Ring

infant inflatable neck ringThis product sounds more dangerous than it probable is in
reality. I’m not sure how it works without putting a strain on the baby, and the babies in the images I found do not look very happy to me. Why don’t the parents just hold their baby in the water, especially newborn babies? Or better yet, wait until the baby is old enough for more conventional floaties. I mean, look at that poor little baby, that looks very uncomfortable.



2) Window Cage– This product has become a popular joke since it’s debut in TIME magazine’s Worst Inventions article. Another name brand for the baby cage is the Boggins’ Open-Air Sleeping Compartment, a.k.a. window crib, and it is as dangerous as it sounds. I wonder how much the babies got pooped on by pigeons. Also, make sure you secure it well if your apartment is far from the ground because baby won’t survive a fall. But wait, there is a product worse than this!

Baby Cage


1) Psychoactive Medicine for Babies– In our never ending quest to silence our screaming children many brands of opiate-containing medicines were popular in the 19th century and marketed as a cure-all for babies. Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup was a common medication for fussy infants that contained morphine. It was lately believed to be the cause of many infant deaths due to morphine overdose. Another common medication for babies called Stickney and Poor’s Paregoric contained opium and 92 proof alcohol, and was commonly used to help babies sleep better (sometimes to never wake up) as a cure for colic, teething, or croup.

Paregoric for babiesParegoric dosageBaby medicine ad

Have you seen any ridiculous baby products that you think should be included? Leave a comment and tell us about your worst baby product ever.

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