Sleepy Toddler Video

sleeping toddlerToddlers seem to have only two modes; either you can’t keep up with them or you can’t keep they awake. There is something about seeing a sleeping child that makes everyone smile- toddlers and babies look so precious when they are sleeping. I love to watch Anneliese sleep but watching her try to stay awake can be fun too. I think this video of my toddler trying to stay awake while eating is hilarious.
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Benefits of Music for My Baby

music baby dancing cuteWhen my baby was 3 months old I could already see the affects that certain music had on her. So, I decided to do a little research about the benefits of music for babies when I wrote my “For the Love of Music” post. Now that I have cultivated this love of music in my baby I am really beginning to see benefits from listening to good music with her.

My baby absolutely loves music. Anytime she hears music, she stops what she is doing to listen and usually dance to it. Her favorite time of the day is our “piano lesson” time together. Do you remember that video of my baby playing piano at 7 months old? We have fun banging on the piano together every day and I have found that letting her play piano with mommy can quickly snap her out of a grumpy mood. It also gets her to start dancing- I believe she is the only baby that dances to Classical piano music.

Lately she has begun dancing to every bit of music she hears. When we sing the “Good Morning” song, she dances; when we sing the bath time song, she dances. Sometimes she will break out into dance without any music. My baby loves to dance and it is so adorable and hilarious that I had to record it.

Obviously, introducing my baby to good music when she was an infant has had a positive effect on her life. I don’t think enough parents realize the positive influence that good music can have for babies. It can calm, soothe, excite, and cheer up the most sour baby. It can also enhance their learning experience and cultivate a good sense of quality music that will go with them throughout their life. Have you noticed any benefits of music for your baby?