Toddlerhood: Surviving with a 2 Year Old

cute toddlerLife with a toddler is so crazy. I am amazed by all that she is learning and stressed by her temperamental outbursts. It is both scary and sweet when she starts copying everything that I do. Life is getting more complicated as we decide about preschool and playdates, while trying to break our own bad habits so she doesn’t pick them up. At the same time, we have to take her toddler tantrums and extreme energy one day at a time. It is exhausting but this time is precious.
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Bennefits of homeschool

homeschoolAt the end of our rope with not only our finances but with the education our kids seemed to not be getting, we looked into homeschool and working from home. That’s when we found the John Commuta system and purchased it.  The worksheets talked us through the system and helped us  not only lower our monthly bills but eliminate them all together. The system also helped us analyze our finaces in a different way.  
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How To Keep A Baby’s Brain Busy

We all know that babies are born with certain reflexes: crying when they’re hurt or nursing when they’re hungry.  Beyond that, most of us assume a baby’s brain is a clean slate; everything they know they learn from their parents and the environment they are in. However, that isn’t the case at all. A baby’s brain is much more active than a few simple reflexes. In fact, an infant’s brain is very active, pretty much from the time they are born.

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Transitioning My Toddler From Bottle to Cup

toddler sippy cupWay back when my toddler was a 6 month old baby, I made the decision to introduce her to baby bottles for drinking juice and water. Maybe I should have tried sippy cups instead because it has been difficult to pry the bottle away from her now. Even though I tried to transition her away from the bottle by her first birthday, we kept struggling with taking it away for good until just recently.

Switching From Bottle to Sippy Cup

I finally decided I would have to hide her bottles from her and only let her use sippy cups or regular cups. It was no fun for a few days and she had to learn that baby bottles are for babies, not toddlers. (Remember, we feed the baby lamb bottles of milk.)

sippy cupIn the process of moving away from her bottle, Anneliese became even more clingy and now has a slight attachment to her soft spout sippy cup. Well, last week we received an awesome new big girl cup that she absolutely loves. So, it is helping her adjust to drinking from a cup rather than a bottle.


Sippy to Big Girl Cup

This wonderful “sippy” cup is made by Philips Avent, a great breast pump and baby bottle company, and it is called the Natural Drinking Cup. It teaches my toddler to drink from a cup without spilling. There is no spout or straw, just a rim with an internal leak-proof valve that helps toddlers over 12 months learn to drink the right way.

bottle to cup

natural drinking cupI think this is the best sippy cup invention ever, but I do have to be cautious because it actually will leak. It is meant to teach your toddler to drink out of a cup and, if anything bumps the rim of that cup, it will spill. When my toddler is not using it, I just have to make sure the lid is snapped on so it does not spill. I don’t mind though, because I think it helps them learn not to spill when they are using a real cup.

That is how I am transitioning my toddler from a baby bottle to a big girl cup, and so far it is going well. By the way, if you cannot find this cup in a store nearby or you don’t feel like going out, it is available on and may be eligible for free shipping.

Have you tried the Avent Natural Drinking Cup? Please share your thoughts with us. How did you take away the baby bottle?