Understanding Infertility and It’s Common Causes

For all of human history, womanhood has been equated with the ability to give birth. It is the one thing that women can do that men cannot. Unfortunately, not all women are able to fulfill this role. In fact, roughly 1 in every 6 couples are unable to conceive, and it is estimated that 10% of the entire female population suffers from some form of infertility.

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10-Minute Workouts While Baby Naps

My doctor recommended three workouts, that you can easily fit in while baby’s snoozin’ in the afternoon or kicking away in her bouncy seat. Each mini routine is a series of three simple moves that shape up your entire body, especially the core and back muscles you need to strengthen for toting your new bundle of love around!

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Bennefits of homeschool

homeschoolAt the end of our rope with not only our finances but with the education our kids seemed to not be getting, we looked into homeschool and working from home. That’s when we found the John Commuta system and purchased it.  The worksheets talked us through the system and helped us  not only lower our monthly bills but eliminate them all together. The system also helped us analyze our finaces in a different way.  
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To Leash or not to Leash

Many people are mortified when they see a child wearing a restraining harness or leash as they are often called. I myself was totally disgusted when I was a teenager and saw this lady walking in the mall with her son with what appeared to me as a dog leash strapped to her sons chest. My mouth gapped and that is when those words “I’ll never put my child on a leash”, popped out of my mouth. Yup you guessed it, I have eaten every single one of those words and I am proud of it.

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Relationships in Motherhood: Mom Connection (Book Giveaway)

mom friendsOne of the most difficult challenges that comes with motherhood is the loneliness and lack of companionship. Even though you are with somebody 24/7, you are actually alone,and it is not easy to make friends when you are taking care of that little person around the clock. I have really struggled with this area in my life and still find it difficult to make friends with other mothers. Now that I am in a completely new environment, it is time to learn how to create new “mom connections” and make friends.

I have been reading the book Mom Connection by Tracey Bianchi, which is about “creating vibrant relationships in the midst of motherhood,” to help me learn how to accomplish this. I love the MOPS organization and found their previously sponsored book to be very encouraging and uplifting. Now, I am learning an important life lesson through the workbook/inspirational book Mom Connection. A class on how to make friends and build relationships was not offered to me growing up, even though it is a very important part of life.

Some people are naturally outgoing and do not struggle with this nearly as much as we introverted people. Even with an outgoing personality, you may not know how to foster those connections you make, though. For those of you who feel like this is an area you need to develop more, the Mom Connection book is an amazing life tool. From creating your own life rhythm to sharing it with others, this book can teach anyone to grow their relationship personalities through it’s helpful tools and exercises.

This book is about living into life’s rhythm so we can connect and create vibrant relationships as moms. ~Tracey Bianchi

I have learned so much about myself and some of my personality flaws by seriously thinking through the questions Tracey poses at the end of each chapter. After understanding myself better, I have been able to improve my personality traits and this is helping me grow better relationships. This is extremely important because every mom needs to make connections if she wants to stay sane after having a baby.

mom friends

Even though I have struggled to make good mom friends, I have a supportive family that I knew I could always depend on whenever I needed help or advice. Now that I am on the opposite side of the continent, I need a new support group that I know I can depend on. I will always have my family to talk to, but I need some mom connections too.

If you would like a copy of Mom Connection, you can buy it on Amazon.com and enter to win it in my giveaway. This book is sponsored by the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) organization, which I absolutely love and encourage all moms to check them out. If you would like to know more about Tracey and this book, check out her website called TraceyBianchi.com.

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