Food To Avoid During Pregnancy


It’s important to eat a healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy to ensure your unborn baby receives the relevant nutrients for growth. However, certain foods can make you feel ill, cause food poisoning or harm your baby if eaten during pregnancy – and while it can be confusing to know what foods are safe and what are harmful, it’s worth taking the time to get to know the foods to avoid and to be careful.

These are some of the main foods to avoid during pregnancy, but if you’re ever in any doubt it’s best to be cautious and not eat the item and then check with your midwife at a later date.

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Relieving the Most Common Pregnancy Symptoms


The joy of being pregnant brings with it a few unwanted side-effects. 

From sore feet to running to the toilet every five minutes, every day brings with it new challenges for expectant mothers.

Here are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms and some suggestions on how to relieve them.

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Understanding Infertility and It’s Common Causes

For all of human history, womanhood has been equated with the ability to give birth. It is the one thing that women can do that men cannot. Unfortunately, not all women are able to fulfill this role. In fact, roughly 1 in every 6 couples are unable to conceive, and it is estimated that 10% of the entire female population suffers from some form of infertility.

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Fertility Myths of the Ages


In the past for a woman to get pregnant, all sorts of rumors and myths were “conceived” to increase the chances that woman would get pregnant. All it takes is for one woman to see connection between 2 unrelated events when it comes to fertility and a myth is born. Through the ages this has “birthed” a number of strange and downright funny myths relating to increasing a woman’s chance of conception.

Below are some of the myths surrounding fertility that have been believed or passed down through the generations.

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R – “Making Babies” Book and DVD Series Giveaway

making babiesSince I never struggled with trying to conceive, I don’t really talk about preconception issues here on My Baby Experience. Anneliese was a wonderful unplanned surprise, but I know others who have not been so blessed. Since having Anneliese, I learned that there are many things a woman can do to prepare her body for growing a baby. As Shoshanna Easling says in her book, “there is an art to making babies,” hence the name of the book and DVD set is simply called “Making Babies.”

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