Sleepy Toddler Video

sleeping toddlerToddlers seem to have only two modes; either you can’t keep up with them or you can’t keep they awake. There is something about seeing a sleeping child that makes everyone smile- toddlers and babies look so precious when they are sleeping. I love to watch Anneliese sleep but watching her try to stay awake can be fun too. I think this video of my toddler trying to stay awake while eating is hilarious.
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Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for your Baby in 10 Steps

Sleeping baby

As a new parent, you’ll no doubt develop an new found interest (some might say obsession!) with sleep and how to get more of it, but one thing that’s bound to help you snooze a little more peacefully is knowing that your precious bundle is safe and secure as they enter baby dreamland.  A helpful way of ensuring your own sweet dreams is knowing that you have created a safe sleeping environment for your baby and you can do this by following some straightforward tips:

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Our Transition from Crib to Toddler Bed

sleepy toddlerBack in March of this year (when Anneliese was a year and a half old) she was becoming interested in her toddler bed, but she wasn’t quite ready for the big change. She enjoyed pretending to sleep in it, and playing on it. But, whenever I tried to lay her down in the “big girl” bed for the night, she would pop up screaming and run for the door. Obviously she wasn’t ready to give up the security of a crib just yet.
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How to Wean a Co-sleeping Baby from Your Bed

co-sleepingCo-sleeping is an experience many parents choose to use with their babies in order to strengthen the bonding between the newest member of the family and themselves, and most parents truly enjoy this time. This makes it a bit traumatic for both parents and their offspring when the time comes for the child to sleep in a bed of his or her own. Getting through the weaning process without an emotional breakdown is the goal, and the following suggestions may make this possible:
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Springtime in the Arctic

adorable toddler picturesSorry to have neglected everyone, but I am still trying to find a good routine to get everything done without losing sleep. I have been planning to show you what springtime in the arctic looks like. These pictures are a few weeks old (taken at the end of May/beginning of June) so the ice and snow has melted by now, but this is how Kotzebue looks during spring melt. Water from from melting ice and snow can cause flooding, but this year has been a slow spring thaw. There are trucks that drive around sucking up the puddles of water to keep the roads and walkways passable.

arctic spring melt
Melting snow in our backyard.

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